It is your responsibility to know and abide by the club rules.

Violations will result in loss of membership.

  • All members must carry their membership card when at the club.
  • Any guest can use the club with a member three times, other than open to public events. 
  • There is a farm house with people and animals beyond the ranges DO NOT over shoot the target areas.
  • When shooting trap be sure that there is no one on the rifle range.
  • No fully-automatic weapons are permitted on the ranges.
  • No armor piercing bullets on any range.
  • On rifle range only shoot into the 50 and 100 yard backstops.
  • The pistol range is for pistols, shotguns, slugs, muzzle loaders, .22 cal rifles and air guns only --NO center fire rifles.
  • No steel plate targets permitted on club ranges.
  • Treat all guns as loaded and ready to fire DO NOT wave loaded or empty guns around, please keep all guns pointed up or down when not shooting at target areas.
  • Club property is not to be borrowed or removed without consent from an officer or trustee.
  • Club rental must be paid in advance (when scheduled).
  • Pick up all shell casings targets and trash we do not have a janitor to clean your mess, show club pride and help keep our club neat and clean. Please if you see a mess, help out and put it in the trash . Thank You!!!!!
  • On days the clubhouse is rented the ranges are closed for the day at 11 a.m. 
  • When paying dues we will send you your key card if you mail in a self addressed stamped envelope.